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What Should I Expect From My Dentist?

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We recently had a question from a new patient on the phone - "What should I expect from my Dentist?"  We thought it was such a great question that we had a staff meeting on it, and came up with the following.


     When you first meet the doctor, it is a good sign if you get to do most of the talking.  After all, who knows you better than you!  Your needs and concerns are VERY important to us .  Treatment plans should include several options and timetables, and costs should be clear.


     Dental care can be surprisingly ...

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February is National Children's Health Month!

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Q - How and when should I prepare for my child's first dental visit?

A - A great question for this February, which is Children's Dental Health Month!  The ADA recommends the first visit happen between the ages of 1 and 2.  Of course, hopefully conversations with the family's doctor and dentist have been occuring before, during and after the pregnancy, to help insure good dental homecare and nutrition.  Baby teeth are important for chewing, speaking, socialization, and holding space for the adult teeth.  Parent's participation is especially important for the child's first 7 years.

     So, we recommend talking to your dental office prior to the first visit, to go ...

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White Bear Smiles Can Help With Your Teens Dental Care

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Teenagers face dental challenges that younger children do not. Many teenagers struggle with orthodontics, diets loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, and contact sports. As a result, teens have a higher susceptibility to tooth decay and tooth injuries. Braces can be an obstacle for proper oral hygiene due to the brackets, wires, and bands that are present, causing plaque build-up that can lead to tooth decay and bad breath. Sports can also impact oral health by injuries to the mouth, jaw or face. How can parents help their teens practice good oral healthcare?

Tips for Teen Dental Care 

- Regular dental hygiene visits. Potential problems that could be developing can be spotted by ...

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Otter Lake Elementary Wins Halloween Candy Buy Back Contest

White Bear Smiles staff holding donation to elementary school | Dentist in White Bear Lake MN

We hosted our annual Halloween Candy Buy Back at White Bear Smiles this year. For two days after the holiday, all children in the community are invited to stop in and trade their candy for a goody bag, and $1/lb. to the elementary school of their choice. The school that brings the most candy earns the money. For the third year in a row, Otter Lake Elementary brought in the most candy, over 500 lbs! The was 685 lbs brought in total, so they earned $685 for their school.

We partnered with Signature Orthodontics and were pleased to present this check. In the photo are Teri Larrive (Signature Orthodontics) two Otter ...

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