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4 Common Dental Emergencies

July 24, 2019
Posted By: White Bear Smiles

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. If you are in White Bear Lake, MN, and are experiencing oral pain or unusual symptoms—we encourage you to call our dental office immediately. Our emergency dentists, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Swift, prioritize easing your pain while assessing the situation. If you are unsure if what you have falls under an emergency, please call us anyway. 

Here are four common reasons people need an emergency appointment:

Broken Tooth

If your tooth is chipped, fractured, or broken; give us a call immediately. We may be able to restore your tooth and ease your discomfort. While a cracked or fractured tooth may not always be a dental emergency, we recommend you come to see us at White Bear Smiles. 

Toothaches and Pain

Dental pain can be severe and throbbing, which is why many patients seek emergency dental treatment. If you feel pain, that means something has gone wrong and needs to be attended to. We will help ease your discomfort so that you don’t have to feel pain for long. Emergency dentistry in White Bear Lake can be same-day, we can be here at any time if the situation warrants.

Abscessed Teeth

An abscessed tooth is due to an infection. Left untreated, the infection can spread to parts of your tissue, gums, bone, and other areas. Treatment usually involves treating the infection and inflammation. Your dentist may use equipment to determine whether the infection has spread to other areas. The pain will not go away until you see your emergency dentist in White Bear Lake, MN.

Exposed Nerves

You won’t have to wonder if you have an exposed nerve, it will tell you. This dental emergency is accompanied by pain and sensitivity. Contact your emergency dentists in White Bear Lake immediately to treat your exposed nerve. 

Don’t Delay on a Dental Emergency

Pain, like bills or taxes, doesn’t go away if you ignore it. It’s your body’s way of telling you that professional help is necessary. If you are in White Bear Lake, MN, and are worried about pain, swelling, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, swollen lymph nodes, or other unusual signs—give our dental office a call. 

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