White Bear Smiles

White Bear Smiles

Information Concerning an Immediate Denture

  • Steady pressure on the denture will promote clotting and will decrease the initial flow of blood. Slight bleeding can last 2-3 days though.
  • Use an ice compress on affected side for 20 on and 20 minutes off for the first 36 hours, as able.
  • Limit your diet to soft nurturing foods and plenty of fluids for the first week.
  • Don't take the dentures out today, but rinse your mouth with warm salt water before going to bed. (1 tsp. salt in 1 cup of water)
  • Starting tomorrow, carefully remove the denture twice a day and clean with a toothbrush and a low abrasive toothpaste or denture cleaner. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
  • Sleep with the denture in your mouth for one week unless otherwise instructed. Then you should take it out when sleeping in order to relax the gum tissues, and let them breathe.
  • Due to the gum shrinkage that occurs within the first 6 months, you may go through periods of a loose fitting denture. A temporary liner will be inserted as needed. Denture adhesives can be used during the period also.
  • Following the gum shrinkage period (approximately 6-12 months) a more permanent reline will be placed, or a new denture made.
  • You may experience sore spots caused by the denture being too long or from uneven pressure being applied to the healing gum tissue. We will adjust the denture as these problems occur. Please call our office as soon as you notice any sore spots.
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