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How and when should I prepare for my child's first dental visit?

The ADA recommends that the first visit happen between the ages of 1 and 2. Hopefully by this point conversations with both your family's doctor and dentist have been occurring before, during, and after the pregnancy to help ensure good home care and nutrition. 

Even though these first teeth will eventually be lost, they still play an important role. Baby teeth are important for chewing, speaking, socialization, and holding space for the adult teeth. Your participation as a parent is especially important for your child's first seven years or so. 

We recommend talking to our office prior to the first visit. We'll go over what we would like to accomplish and help set the stage for the first visit. Above all else, we want this visit to go well and be a positive and educational experience. Special "first visit" books, puppets, videos, and child-sized chairs are utilized as necessary to help develop trust and comfort for your child.

We do as much diagnostically as we can while keeping it upbeat for both you and your child. We'll discuss any concerns, make any needed recommendations, and set up the next visit. Most importantly, we want your little one to leave with a big smile! After the appointment, kids pick a toy from the toy basket to take home!

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