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I keep grinding my teeth! Can you help me?

There is help for people troubled by grinding or clenching of teeth. A removable appliance, called a bite splint can be specially molded to fit over the upper or lower teeth, depending on the patient's particular requirements. It's made from plastic, is comfortable to wear, and does not affect facial attractiveness.

What Dental Treatments Can White Bear Smiles Offer To Help Me?

The bite splint is used when relief is sought from a wide range of uncomfortable syndromes. These include headaches, neck aches, dizziness, jaw clocking or cracking, and pain behind the eyes, among others. Bite splints most commonly are worn at night: others use them for daytime stress, and a few require them 24 hours a day.

If untreated, grinding/clenching of teeth may eventually cause teeth to shift position, produce gum recession and bring about a general deterioration of oral health.

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