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Do you offer ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in White Bear Lake, MN?

We never want our patients to hide their smiles or be nervous to laugh out loud. For these reasons, we offer ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in White Bear Lake, MN.

If you’re like many people, you have tried over-the-counter teeth whitening systems only to be disappointed with your results. Maybe you were even left with ongoing tooth sensitivity, sore gums, and enamel damage.

At White Bear Smiles, your dentist makes sure that teeth whitening will not do harm by first examining your teeth and gums to make sure it is a good option. Considerations may include the condition of your gums or the integrity of your restorations.

Professional Teeth Whitening in White Bear Lake

If teeth whitening is a good choice for you, we rely on ZOOM! because our patients have loved their results, and we think it is the best system for lifting brown tooth stains and getting rid of the yellow.

With ZOOM! Teeth Whitening, you can choose an in-office treatment or a custom take-home kit for convenience. The latter means you can whiten on your time—simply follow the directions provided by a dental team member.

Whiten Your Teeth Just in Time for a Major Life Event

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results we can achieve with ZOOM! Teeth Whitening. Schedule your consultation today.

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