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Do you have any tips for caregivers on dental care?

Providing dental care as a caregiver requires patience most of all. But whether it's an elderly person or one with developmental disabilities, your charge needs to practice good oral hygiene with your help.

Here's how to brush someone else's teeth: First, wash your hands and put on sanitary, disposable gloves. Stand or sit where you have a good view of all the teeth and make sure you have good light. Apply only a small amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush. Brush all surfaces of each tooth and angle the toothbrush to brush gently at the gum line. Gently brush the tongue after you've finished the teeth. Help the person rinse with plain water. Think about whether a power toothbrush might make the job easier, but give your charge time to get used to one.

Also, the bathroom is not the only place where teeth can be brushed. The important thing is to get the job done. So if some other room is more comfortable for the person you're helping, that's fine. Naturally, make sure you get the person you're helping to the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and professional cleaning.

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