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What should I do if I knock out a tooth?

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

In the case of a dental emergency, you have a better than 80 percent chance of saving your tooth if you can get to your dentist with the tooth within a half hour. Here are some things to remember: Rinse the tooth off with warm water. But don't scrub the tooth. You might scrub off fibers on the root that are important to re-planting the tooth in its socket. Keep the tooth moist by wrapping it in either gauze (one reason why it's good to have gauze in the house) or tissue dampened in warm water. If you can easily replace the tooth into the socket, do that.

Some experts recommend just putting the tooth back in your mouth under your tongue during the ride to the dentist. That's fine, too. Just don't swallow the tooth. Your pharmacy may also carry one of the liquid media that are available for just such an emergency. You won't have time for a trip to the pharmacy, however, so you might consider keeping one of these liquid media on hand.

Emergency Appointments

If you knock out a tooth, make sure to call White Bear Smiles right away. We can get you in quickly to help stabilize the problem and reduce any pain you might have. During emergency appointments, we perform solutions like implanting CEREC crowns same-day and then follow up to continually care for your dental health. 


If you experience a dental emergency, call our office for an emergency appointment. 

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