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Dental Anxiety

December 12, 2020
Posted By: White Bear Smiles
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Dental anxiety in White Bear Lake, MN is real and common. 

At White Bear Smiles, we have successfully treated many patients who have had:

  • No treatment for many years
  • Negative dental experiences
  • Traumatic dental fears
  • Advanced dental problems

Dental anxiety can be a devastating problem. This recent patient review really shows how dental phobia can keep patients away. We are so glad we could help ease this patient's mind, make her comfortable, and show her how we love to be of good service.

"I have actually had severe anxiety when it came to the dentist - like instant tears just calling to schedule my appointment kind of anxiety! I researched a lot of dental offices on Google and read the awesome reviews for White Bear Smiles. My experience started with Annette answering the phone, she was so friendly and really listened to all of my concerns and anxiety I had just scheduling my appointment. She took the time to explain to me all the information she needed from me since I was a new patient and answered all my questions. Next was the day of the appointment, I thought of several reasons I could avoid it and not go, but I finally made it in the door. I was greeted right away with smiling faces (well everyone was wearing a mask but I know they were smiling underneath), and the office was clean and welcoming. I completed all my forms online so check in was quick and easy! I was then greeted by Katie, she was the unlucky dental hygienist that got me :) She is the reason I don't have anxiety about my next appointment. She was so patient with me - she explained everything that was going on, she gave me time to calm my nerves (multiple times!), she never made me feel bad about my anxiety or about not flossing my teeth every night, and instead she took the time to explain things to me. She was so gentle during the actual cleaning - it was the best experience I've ever had at the dentist office! I also saw Dr. Swift as my dentist, and yet again was welcomed with patience, and she took the time to explain what she was going to do before she did it. As a team, White Bear Smiles changed my mind about going to the dentist! Thank you!"

-Stephanie M.

You are NOT alone! Call us, we can help. :)

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