SureSmile® Clear Aligners

Do you hesitate to share a genuinely joyful smile because of crooked teeth or uneven gaps and spacing? You don’t want to wear braces, but there is another option! SureSmile® clear aligners are discreet and comfortable and can give you the beautiful straight smile you want. 

Here at White Bear Smiles, we’re excited to introduce SureSmile to patients with mild to moderate crowding or spacing looking for an orthodontic option that won’t interfere with their lifestyles. There are many benefits to straightening your teeth with clear aligners, and we’d love to tell you about them!

Benefits of SureSmile® Clear Aligners

  • Virtually invisible treatment — Thanks to the crystal-clear material used for SureSmile, the aligner trays are virtually invisible when worn. You can keep on smiling because your treatment is your secret. 
  • Removable for meals – There are no food restrictions with SureSmile as with traditional braces. You can continue to enjoy the foods you love, but don’t forget to brush your teeth before putting the aligners back in!
  • Shorter treatment times — Treatment with SureSmile can often be completed faster than traditional braces. Depending on your needs, you could see a straight smile in 12–15 months or less.
  • No uncomfortable metal braces — You don’t have to deal with brackets and wires on your teeth. Instead, you’ll wear the smooth plastic aligners that hug the unique curves of your teeth to ensure a comfortable fit. 
  • Enjoy a more confident smile — If you feel self-conscious about showing your smile, straightening your teeth and correcting dental bite issues can restore your confidence. You will look and feel better knowing you’ve taken a big step toward maintaining a healthier smile. 

Your SureSmile® Journey

We’re excited to start you on your journey toward a beautiful, healthy smile, so let's take a look at the steps involved to help you achieve your goals.

Initial Consultation

The first step is a consultation with Dr. Swift at our White Bear Lake, MN, dental office. At this appointment, she will take comfortable, mess-free digital impressions and photos of your smile.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Dr. Swift uses a virtual 3-D model of your teeth to plan out the step-by-step movement of your teeth throughout treatment. She works closely with the clinical experts at the SureSmile lab to ensure that your personalized treatment plan is perfect for helping you achieve your smile goals.

Wearing Your Aligners

The SureSmile lab will prepare your aligners, and in about 2–4 weeks, you will return to our office so we can show you how to wear them. It’s important to wear your trays exactly as instructed to keep your treatment on track and see the desired results.

Your goal is to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. One of the benefits of SureSmile treatment is that you can remove them for meals and oral hygiene. Remember—the longer you wear them, the sooner you can complete treatment.

Check-In Appointments

We’ll schedule SureSmile periodic check-in appointments at our White Bear Lake dental office throughout treatment to check your progress and see how you’re doing.

Go out and Enjoy Your New Smile!

Your SureSmile treatment is finished when you’ve worn your last set of aligners, and you and Dr. Swift agree that you’ve achieved your goals. Now you can enjoy the reward of all your efforts and go out and share your confident new smile with the world! 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

We’re excited to offer SureSmile clear aligners at White Bear Smiles and would love to help you get started. Please call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Swift and take the first step toward your dream smile.