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White Bear Smiles Can Help With Your Teens Dental Care

May 19, 2017
Posted By: White Bear Smiles
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Teenagers face dental challenges that younger children do not. Many teenagers struggle with orthodontics, diets loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, and contact sports. As a result, teens have a higher susceptibility to tooth decay and tooth injuries. Braces can be an obstacle for proper oral hygiene due to the brackets, wires, and bands that are present, causing plaque build-up that can lead to tooth decay and bad breath. Sports can also impact oral health by injuries to the mouth, jaw or face. How can parents help their teens practice good oral healthcare?

Tips for Teen Dental Care 

- Regular dental hygiene visits. Potential problems that could be developing can be spotted by the hygienist and the dentist at a regular dental visit. 

- Fluoride rinse. It is important that your teen have a fluoride treatment especially if they have braces. Fluoride helps with decreasing plaque accumulation in areas that are hard to reach, helping to prevent tooth decay. 

- Mouth guards. If your teen is in a sport, mouth guards are extremely important. Trauma to the mouth is common in contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey and basketball. To keep those pearly whites safe and to avoid expensive dental treatment due to tooth injuries, have a custom-made mouth guard made for your teen. 

Teen Dental Care in White Bear Lake, MN

White Bear Smiles can help your teen maintain their beautiful, youthful smile. Call our office for a cleaning appointment for your teen. At the dental cleaning we can also apply a fluoride treatment to keep those teeth strong and healthy. If your teen is in sports, ask us about a custom-made mouth guard. Call our office today for new patient special if you have never been to our office. See you soon!

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