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White Bear Smiles

How do adolescent and elderly dental problems differ?

Different Ages Mean Different Problems

Different ages present different types of potential problems. Adolescents face problems considerably different from those faced by seniors. For example, adolescent gingivitis or gum inflammation is common. Some researchers think that this may be a result of hormonal changes at puberty; others think inadequate diet and oral hygiene are the culprits. Elderly dental patients in white bear lake mn

Receding Gums

Older people confront such changes as receding gums which usually happens on the outer side of the teeth, leaving the cementum that covers each tooth's root exposed. Once exposed, the area is vulnerable to decay and to abrasion from brushing.

Dry Mouth

Older people also will deal with wrinkling of the skin, the result of the skin not holding as much water or fat as it used to. If missing teeth, or worn-down teeth, reduce dimensions of the face, deep wrinkles may develop at the outer corners of the mouth.

So people of different ages have different concerns. Your dentist is trained to deal with all of these problems.

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