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What are dental implants?

Dental implants in White Bear Lake are the first choice of most dentists for lasting and easy-to-care-for tooth replacement.

Our dental implants are made of strong titanium replacement roots that we gently implant in your jaw. Over several months these roots bond with your jawbone and are just as sturdy as real tooth roots. When bonding finishes, your dentist tops your implant with a tooth crown.

A tooth crown is a cover that—in this case—fits over your dental implant. It looks and functions like a natural tooth.

In many ways, dental implants are like a second chance. Because they are so similar to natural teeth, it’s as if you never lost the tooth.

Maintenance is also simple. You brush your teeth twice daily—more if you indulge in snacks. You floss at least once every day, preferably before bed. It’s also important to visit your dentist regularly for dental exams and teeth cleanings. Tooth replacement, even dental implants, will not guard against gum disease. Only the efforts of your dentist—along with your at-home routine—can keep your gums healthy and your implants viable.

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