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Why do I sometimes have bad breath? What can I do?

Causes of Bad Breath

Don't worry. Most people, at some point, are going to have a problem with bad breath. And the problem stems from bacteria. We all have bacteria in our mouths. The bacteria produce sulfur compounds, which have a pungent odor. While most people's systems keep the bacteria in balance, some people simply produce more bacteria than others. Some 25 percent of the population has a chronic problem with an overabundance of bacteria.


How to Prevent Bad Breath

The American Dental Association recommends that you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. This helps produce the saliva that washes away excess bacteria.

Another place where bacteria can collect is on your tongue, especially on the back of it. This is considered to be the main source of bad breath. What we recommend is that everyone use a good tongue scraper every morning. After a thorough scraping, then brush your teeth and tongue with an ADA approved toothpaste. This will also help with gingivitis and gum disease, the second most common reason for bad breath.


If bad breath is a periodic or constant problem for you, talk with your dentist about ways to address it. Call our office in White Bear Lake, MN for an expert consultation. 


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