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Is it possible to brush my teeth too hard?

person with braces brushing teeth | Is it possible to brush my teeth too hard? | Dentist in White Bear Lake

Yes. Many people damage their teeth by brushing too hard! It doesn't take much pressure to remove bacteria, food, and plaque from your teeth. But many people apply three to four times the pressure necessary for effective cleaning. They are at risk for receding gums, sensitive teeth, notched teeth, and root cavities.

Better Brushing

It takes 2-3 minutes to adequately brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth for a longer time is far more effective than brushing harder. Most people spend only 30 seconds brushing.

Brushing longer, not harder is the key to removing bacteria. Check with your dentist for more tips on good brushing technique. The caring team at your local White Bear Lake dentist is happy to answer any questions about proper brushing habits for patients of all ages. 

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