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How much does a CEREC crown cost?

A dental crown is a restoration that encloses a damaged tooth in a ceramic shell to protect it and restore chewing function. Other benefits of dental crowns in White Bear Lake, MN, are durability, fit, and resemblance to your natural tooth.

The one issue with the traditional crowns is that two visits are required. Our dentists in White Bear Lake plan and design your crown during the first, and after an outside dental lab fabricates it, you return to our office, and we place it on your tooth. 

Though the cost varies depending on the tooth, CEREC dental crowns save both time and money, primarily due to the unnecessary follow-up appointment. Replacement costs are also competitive.

CEREC Crowns – Ready On the Same Day

This two-visit drawback now has a high-tech solution: the CEREC system. With this technology, your dentist creates your crown on the same day of your first visit.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, but some prefer ‘CERamic REconsruction.’ First, Dr. Paul Andersen or one of his team will create a 3-D scan of your tooth and then design your new crown using computer-aided software. Then, Dr. Andersen will mill a custom, single-piece restoration made from ceramic.

How Long Does a CEREC Crown Last?

Your CEREC crown is similar to a crown made in an outside lab when it comes to durability. With proper care and maintenance, your crown could last up to a decade or longer.

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