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White Bear Smiles

How do I establish a good relationship with my dentist?

Trust and Communication are Vital

As in any relationship, there are responsibilities on each side. The two of you need to share trust and communication. If, for instance, you are confused or want more information after your dentist has recommended a path of treatment, you should feel free to ask for more information. For example, you might ask which of the steps the dentist mentioned are optional and which are necessary. Your dentist should be able to outline a course of treatment that sets priorities and gives you some options.

Obtain A Second Opinion

If you are still uncertain about what to do, you might opt for a second opinion. Your local dental society should be able to refer you to another dentist. And your dentist should be comfortable discussing costs, payment methods and a schedule for payment. If you're new in town and choosing a dentist, feel free to shop around.

For your part, be a good patient and practice good oral hygiene at home, visit the dentist regularly and pay your bills promptly. Talk with your dentist about ways to keep the relationship healthy.

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