White Bear Smiles

White Bear Smiles

Why should a person get braces?

The usual reason for getting orthodontic treatment, or braces, is to improve the appearance of teeth. These days, adults as well as youngsters are flashing smiles that show the bands and wires that are the handiwork of the orthodontist – a dentist who specializes in the use of appliances, like braces, to straighten teeth, whether it be for cosmetic or health reasons.

Straightening teeth can also improve a person's bite. When teeth don't come together properly that's called malocclusion. Malocclusion is not in and of itself a disease. Although teeth that are misaligned may require a little more diligence in brushing and flossing, people with malocclusion don't necessarily have more decay or gum problems than people with straight teeth.

But crooked teeth can cause some problems, like the bottom front teeth constantly hitting the palate instead of the inside of the upper front teeth. Correcting this type of malocclusion can prevent further trauma to the tissue of the palate.

Talk to your dentist about whether orthodontic treatment is right for you.

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