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What types of mouthguards do you offer?

At White Bear Smiles, we aim to help your child discover their best and healthiest smile. One way we protect growing grins is by providing sports mouthguards and nightguards. If you or your child play sports, we recommend a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth, jaws, and mouth from injuries. A nightguard can also help if you grind or clench their teeth during sleep.

How to Care for Your Mouthguard 

  • Rinse your mouth guard immediately after wearing it to remove bacteria and plaque.
  • Brush your nightguard with a soft toothbrush and mild antibacterial soap. 
  • Deep clean your mouthguard weekly using over-the-counter denture cleaner and water and let it soak in the solution for 30 minutes. 
  • Place your mouthguard on a sterilized surface to air dry before storing it in its case. 
  • Store your mouthguard in its case when you’re not using it, as this prevents damage. 
  • Clean the mouthguard case every few days using water and dish soap. 

Mouthguards in White Bear Lake 

Do you or your child play sports or need a nightguard to protect your teeth during sleep? Please contact White Bear Smiles today to learn more about our custom mouthguards and how we can help your family's smiles safe. 

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