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White Bear Smiles

Is there a wrong way to brush my teeth?

Some things, they say, are as easy as brushing your teeth. There may be no wrong way to brush your teeth, but as with any activity, there is a right way to brush.

Section Your Mouth for Proper Cleaning

Think of your mouth as having four equal sections – two on top and two on the bottom – each having an inside and outside surface. Brush each of these eight sections, inside and outside, one at a time. The back teeth are the hardest to clean thoroughly, so always start with them. To get at the outside surfaces of the back teeth, open your mouth only slightly. Opening it wide stretches the cheeks taut against the teeth.

Proper Brush Technique

Be sure in each of the sections to tilt the brush to a 45-degree angle and brush where the tooth and the gum meet. You want to make sure the brush's bristles work into the groove, also called the sulcus, where the tooth and gum meet. Keep the brush horizontal as you brush your teeth and keep the strokes very short, a quarter inch, or so. Move to the next of the sections and repeat.

After brushing, rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water.

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