Emergency Dentistry in White Bear Lake, MN

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While emergencies are often an unfortunate fact of life, we don’t think they should completely derail you. We recognize that emergencies happen, and that’s why we keep room in our schedule to make sure that if you have an emergency, you can be seen and treated promptly. That way, you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Am I Having a Dental Emergency?

Are you in pain? If so, then that’s an emergency. Pain is usually one of the first indicators that something is wrong, and it’s a message from your body that you shouldn’t ignore.

Pain could be the result of an obvious trauma, like a broken tooth, or it could be a sign that you have developed an infection that requires immediate attention. Pain may also indicate that you have a cavity or gum disease.

It is, of course, possible to have an emergency and not be in pain. If damage to the tooth has resulted in a dead nerve, then you might not be hurting. Infections can also destroy the nerve and the pain may stop. Unfortunately, this can lead patients to think that the problem is gone – until the infection moves on to the next tooth.

The bottom line – if you are dealing with any of these issues, please call our dental office right away:

  • Sudden pain
  • Throbbing or extreme sensitivity to heat, cold, or pressure
  • A “pimple” on your gum
  • A broken, cracked, or fractured tooth
  • A tooth knocked loose or completely out of its socket
  • A lost filling, crown, or other restoration
  • Food or other debris lodged in the gum tissue that can’t be removed by brushing or flossing

If you are experiencing an unusual symptom, call us. We’ll ask the right questions to determine whether or not you are having an emergency.

Please note – we are not equipped to handle medical emergencies. If you have fractured a bone, are experiencing bleeding that won’t stop, or have lost consciousness, please go to the emergency room first.

Your Emergency Appointment

man in dentist chair | Emergency Dentistry in White Bear Lake MN | White Bear SmilesWhat exactly will an emergency appointment entail? The goal of an emergency appointment is to stabilize the situation and provide the care you need to relieve your pain and restore functionality. This might mean performing a treatment like a root canal or an extraction, or it might mean removing the damaged part of the tooth and capping it with a CEREC crown. Of course, other treatments are possible as well.

Once the immediate emergency has been dealt with, we can discuss your ongoing care needs. While some emergencies can’t be prevented, routine visits can reduce the risk of an emergency. Regular cleanings and examinations will help keep your teeth strong and allow us to identify problems in their earliest stages so they can be cared for right away. This means you’ll be far less likely to wake up in the morning with a painful infection. If you or your child participates in athletics, we can talk about choosing an appropriate sports guard for your teeth to reduce your risk of injury.

Call Right Away for an Emergency

If you are in pain or have experienced another emergency, don’t hesitate. Call our office right away so that we can get you in and get you taken care of quickly.