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White Bear Smiles

Denture Emergency! Joe's Story

October 13, 2019
Posted By: Paul Anderson
Older Man and Young Girl | Dentist in White Bear Lake MN

A recent patient just wrote us a testimonial about an experience he had with us.  The case involved a missing denture - quite an immediate crisis!

We were able to successfully resolve it fairly quickly, thankfully, which gave us much pleasure.

If you know of anyone who is having problems with their dentures, please have them call us!  We most likely can help them.

JOE WROTE:  I recently had an experience that started badly before I discovered White Bear Smiles.  Two months prior, a hospital carelessly threw out my top denture even though they were in a denture case.  Go figure... they would pay for the top of course, but that left me with a large debt for the replacement of the bottom denture which was seemingly useless due to changes in my mouth and jaw structure.  I needed to find a good dentist in White Bear Lake, and I haven't been to anyone for over 8 years.  After a whole lot of research, investigating, and reviewing references, I found and chose White Bear Smiles.  And I am sure SMILING now that I did!  From the moment I opened the door of my first visit, I was met by SMILES from the Receptionist, and all of the employees I encountered until I closed the door when I left.  Most of all, they said "Hello, how are you doing today?" in a sincere manner.  Not because they're instructed to say them.  They really cared.  When I met with Dr. Anderson for the first time and for several visits after, he was pleasant, factual, optimistic and realistic and talked to a level that I was able to understand, which is important to me.  Dr. Anderson is a very professional dentist with years of experience I could recognize right away.  He's a people person, and I dare say "just an overall great guy".  He and his staff with their efforts were able to turn my top denture around in just over a week and GET THIS!  Dr. Anderson was able to fit my top denture, and he resurrected my bottom denture, and made everything work together!  Which saved me a ton of money!  That told me a "whole lot">  And my dentures are better than ever!  And follow up, they even called me after my first weekend to see how I was doing and kept me informed all along.  In Summary -  I am so happy that I found White Bear Smiles, and I have a GREAT BIG SMILE ON MY FACE TO PROVE IT!

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